LP – IT In K-12 Schools: Why It’s Important

IT In K-12 Schools

Why It's Important

IT has faced the same conundrum in K-12 schools for many years. As our education system relies more heavily on technology, school budgets continue to receive cuts at the state and federal levels. COVID-19 greatly exacerbated this paradox. Remote learning tools have become compulsory for certain districts overnight, but already-tight education budgets are buckling beneath the weight of safety compliance measures and technology shortages.

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  • More Tech, Less Funding: The K-12 Paradox
    • What is the role of IT in K-12 schools?
    • Is IT really that important in education?
  • 4 Reasons to Prioritize IT in K-12 Schools
    • Data privacy is paramount
    • Cybersecurity dangers continue to rise
    • Distance learning has taken center stage
    • IT supports teaching, learning, and even student safetly
  • Greater Than the Sum of ITs Parts

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